The mysterious green boat next to Nokia House

Everyone who has spent a lot of time at the Nokia house in Espoo, Finland knows the green boat. It lies at anchor so beautifully and elegantly at the middle of the bay, as if it was a carefully thought out part of the landscape design. It also rarely moves anywhere, providing some much needed sense of stability for the employees. In fact, it moves so little that – like Stephen Elop correctly mentioned in the Engadget interview yesterday – it has been the target of countless spy boat jokes over the years (the common denominator being that the boat outlasts the companies who spy).

But do you know the real history of the boat? And that its name is M/S Wilhelm Carpelan. Now, and after 15 years of staring at it, I do. This is all thanks to Harri Kiljander from Nokia alumni (the ex-UI chief of Nseries) who has built a wikipedia article dedicated to the boat. Thank you very much, Harri!

If you know more anecdotes about the boat, do not hesitate to share. For example, I am pretty sure I saw a snowboard video being shot there during the last winter (or the previous one, time goes so fast). Some snapshots or youtubes over that would be so awesome.

For more pictures, see also Valtteri Eroma’s tribute flickr collection

Picture credit: Harri Kiljander (via Wikipedia)

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