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The wrap-up of Product Guy Series: Vol. 1

rollercoaster_600px shutterstockAbout two months ago I started writing Product Guy series, reflecting what I have learned over the years about making products and/or software.

I may or may not return to this topic (hence the Vol 1 in the title), but now it is time to summarize.

I didn’t have much of a master plan on the topic of the posts. I just wrote whatever was topical on my mind, either through my own reflection or through the commentary I received via multiple channels, public and private.

Now that I look back, the posts, however, do give an idea of the broad spectrum of issues Product Guy needs to deal with.

Product Guy needs to know the teachings of the wise Greek men, find his inner hipster and hone the skills of the method acting to the the Jesse Eisenberg level of markzuckerberg-ness.

And that’s just the planning part of the job. Then the actual work starts.  Being able to focus on the right things, requires having an air traffic controller -grade real-time scoreboard and a clear understanding how to move mountains. And all this must be done iteratively, which requires the wisdom to separate the signal from the noise, diligent review practices, continuous, honest assessment of own and competitor products, and unavoidably some – or a lot – of fire-fighting.

So a lot of stuff. I used a lot of Hollywood metaphors, not only because I love movies, but because I thought the analogies would capture how captivating the journey can be.

Sometimes the project is a drama. Sometimes it’s a tragedy that may border becoming a comedy. But if you put your heart into it, there’s one guarantee you can make to your team members: “It will not be boring.”

I hope you enjoyed reading.

p.s. Now Real Box Score blog will go on extended Easter break. Hence, next posts – at least any longer than 140 characters – are not to be expected before mid-April or so.

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Like in the movies

shutterstock_109546616_cinema tix 500pxMy Mayan predictions for the mobile industry raised some eyebrows. In facebook comments I was even (kiddingly) called evil. Bear in mind that my predictions were written a little bit tongue in cheek. But only a little bit. Meaning that I am serious about those things happening, but not serious of them being the end of the world. So don’t be worried. I am not in doom and gloom, but more energized about the future than ever.

Taking a chapter from the PR book of the Mayas, let’s just agree the apocalypse will just be the beginning of a new era.

What will the new era of the mobile industry be like? Is it a movie plot we’ve already seen? Will everything go like in the movies?

Yes. And no. But let me guarantee it’s not going to be a gloomy one like “2012” or “Day After Tomorrow” but something totally else.

For some, the mobile industry is going to be more like the plot of Hangover (if you are not familiar, check IMDB), a group of established guys who keep on trying to reconstruct piece-by-piece what did just happen and how to adapt. The casting is also appropriate. The two main characters are the trendy guy with a sneaky streak and the more serious geeky guy who has problems staying in control. And there’s the third guy – the outcast who tries hard but usually just somehow messes up. Fittingly, the plot has long tail sequel potential in so many emerging markets.

For others, the new era of mobile is going to be like the plot of Forrest Gump (if you are not familiar, do us both a favor and stop reading this blog), a story of vision, talent and skills relevant in so many places. Or in corporatespeak, “assets and capabilities horizontally deployable in untapped, adjacent verticals and market contexts”. For example, people knowing about how to get and manage sensorial and location data from mobiles may end up being in big demand by the industries trying to build automated machinery such as miners or cranes. Or augmented reality experts realize that while it is useful to develop camera algorithms to sort out that the Pizza sign in front of the user actually is…..drum roll, please….a pizzeria, it can be really useful to use the same technologies and principles to sort out different kind of things to recycle.

Like they say, there’s no business like show business.

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