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Intro to Product Guy series

In the quest of becoming a product guy – *) see definition later – there is little substitute for learning by doing. Surely, education and training will always matter, but some things are really only learned in the trenches.

I had the privilege of working in the product making of Nokia for many years, both in the high- and low-end as well as with just software as well as device product (hardware and software).

Those years and the people I worked with, or role modeled after, resulted in a certain way I think innovative, focused and results-oriented product management should be – or at least could be, as there is no one truth – run.

I plan to write up those ‘rules of thumb’ in this blog in the next month or so. Doing so was actually requested by at least one friend who reads this blog (so I have an audience and I could have written “people asked me to”…) but my main motivation is my own reflection for the benefit of my own learning. So expect a lot of sports, movie and popular culture analogies…

Now, ex-colleagues and ex-fellow product makers, if you want to direct my journey on where to focus, please comment in. You can also do it privately via my personal email, LinkedIn messaging, the Facebook page or the email jp(at)realboxscore.com

*) Definitions: Different companies use different terminologies for the roles at the intersection of marketing, strategy and engineering. What Nokia people usually call Product Manager is in some companies (such as Microsoft) called Program Manager. Some less “tech capability-constrained” companies (such as some FMCG, fast moving consumer goods, companies) may call the same role Product Marketing. Anyhow, I am talking of the person and the team who figures out what customers/consumers want and guides the organization in the journey to make that happen, sometimes from ‘cradle to grave’. Wanting to avoid the attention-diverting definition rat holes, I will just call the role ‘product guy’. Also as the topic is complex enough already, I will just simplify it to ‘guy’ instead of ‘guy or gal’.

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